How I Market Myself as a Developer

Submitted 5 months Ago

Ever since I graduated from my dev bootcamp from General Assembly, I have been eager to land my first web developer job so I can live comfortably and to enjoy what I love doing. For those who were and who are in the same boat as me, applying to random jobs on job boards is one thing, but is it enough? There is competition out there and I seen for one job they had 300 applicants. How the hell am I going to stand out against 300 applicants? I seen a video on YouTube that has solved that issue and from what I learned from watching it, I have to start marketing myself as a developer. Here are some tips: 1. Have a portfolio ready and built 2. Apply for jobs that has been posted 24hours 3. Connect with people on Linkedin who works at the companys you applied for a job with 4. Learn new technologies, build small projects, and post them on social media 5. Network online, go to meetups, whatever the convenience 6. Blog about your developer experience


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