What You Should Know About Ruby

Submitted almost 2 years Ago

My experience working with Ruby Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto and launched in 1995. I got my first hands on experience learning Ruby from Codecademy. During my three month intensive training at General Assembly, that's where I got a deeper understanding of Ruby. Aside from JavaScript, I found Ruby the easiest to adapt for the following reasons.......... No semi-colons! I get to code faster than ever The convenience of Gems Easy to define variables without the use of var x = y or something just x=y Everything is so well organized Gems are what makes a Ruby application more functional and relieves the developers pressure. There are gems that can be used for specific functions to make the application operated the way the developer wants. I don't have a particular favorite Gem, but for whatever Gem that makes the application works the way I want it to is good enough for me. There is also Sinatra and Ruby on Rails I also learned at General Assembly. Sinatra is really nothing. I only used it for building simple websites using it's built in server. Ruby on Rails is a complete different story. Rails is another framework written in Ruby, but I'll cover more details about that in another blog post.


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