What I learned from my first day of dev bootcamp?

Submitted almost 2 years Ago

Woke up at 6:45am, very excited and nervous as my first day of WDI (Web Development Immersive) Bootcamp arrived. I left Brooklyn an hour later, boarded the crowded train as I was heading towards Manhattan during morning rush hour. I got to the school, where they welcomed the students with fresh bagels. In the classroom, I introduced myself to as many people as possible, there were also exercises that were involved that helped the whole class became the family the school never had. The entire day, we was setting ourselves up for the upcoming 12 weeks of intensive training. I had an Asus Notebook while most of the class had Mac Books which was very easy for them. For me I was introduced to Ubuntu Linux and the crazy process of the installation. At the end of the day I got to work in a team setting completing our homework, from there I thought I knew the next 12 weeks in the course would go great, just wait until my next post where I'll explain what really goes on during Web Development Bootcamp!


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